Our History

The history of Gemeinde aller Nationen – All Nations Christian Church (ANCC) e.V. Muenster dates to 2009. Shortly after Pastor John’s seminary training and the ordination into Pastoral Ministry in the Pentecostal Fellowship of Germany (BFP), the Lord laid a vision in his heart to plant a church that is non-ethnic defined, multicultural and bilingual (comprising of Europeans and people with migrational background).

Then The Collaboration

As he began consulting with the spiritual mentors and leaders in the BFP in the persons of Pastor Rob Schroeder, the then Regional Leader of BFP Bayern-North and Pastor Dr. Palmer Appiah-Gyan, from the Board of Trustees of BFP, the news of a pastoral vacancy in an International Church in Muenster was received. Encouraged by Pastor Dr. Palmer to consider pastoring an existing Church, Pastor John moved from Ansbach in Southern Germany to the City Muenster in Nord-Rhein Westfalen in summer 2009 and was installed as Pastor in the International Gospel Church e.V., Muenster in October 2009. In May 2014, after handing over the leadership of the International Gospel Church to its new elected leaders, Pastor John and his wife Esther had the leading from the Lord to remain in the city of Muenster NRW with a mandate of starting a new work.

Pastor Onyedika

On the other side, Evangelist Onyedika, who then was a student at Ruhr University Bochum and an itinerant Evangelist, had the International Gospel Church Muenster as his home church. In December 2012, he received a clear mandate from the Lord to raise “a people ready for the end-time revival move of God”. Following that, he enrolled into the Pastoral Candidate Studies of the Pentecostal Fellowship of Germany (BFP) where he graduated in May 2014. As he had been pondering and praying with his wife Jennifer on where the Lord would have them, the Lord laid in his heart to join, support and start-up a new work with Pastor John.

Last Words

Sequel to the above, Pastor John and Evangelist Onyedika started praying weekly for about three (3) months as they ministered to the people and new doors were opened to reach out to the Europeans particularly Germans, new migrants and students within the city of Muenster and its suburb.
On Pentecost Sunday June 9, 2014, the Church started as a ‘House Church’. On November 1 and December 14, 2014, the Church was formally founded as the: Gemeinde aller Nationen – All Nations Christian Church e.V. Muenster and was registered as a non-profit organisation by the Magistrate Court in Muenster respectively. On November 6, 2016, the Church was officially inaugurated and Evangelist Onyedika was ordained into Pastoral Ministry in the Pentecostal Fellowship of Germany (BFP).

Finally, the vision the Lord placed in the hearts of Pastors John and Onyedika began to materialize as people of all nations started gathering to share fellowship. Their focus remains to build a church that is genetically multi-ethnic, multi-cultural, bilingual, and borderless. The vision is to ‘experience Jesus, uniting nations and transforming lives’. The church posits to engage in pursuit of peace and the ‘Truth as revealed in the Christian Bible’.

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