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What does All Nations Christian Church e. V. Muenster teach?

As a member of the Association of Pentecostal Churches in Germany (Bund Freikirchlicher Pfingstgemeinde – BFP), we stand together with all the other members of the Association of Evangelical Free Churches (AEFC) on the basis of the following principles:

What does bind us together?

The only Lord: The confession to Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour, as the living Son of God and as the Head of His Church is the basis that we agree on as Christians who affirmatively respond to the Apostolic Faith Declaration. We stand together with the Reformed Churches on the consciousness that mankind can be saved by faith, and by faith alone. Salvation is inseparable from Jesus Christ.

The only Word: The Bible is for us the final authority and the guidelines regarding all issues of Faith and Teaching, as well as of service and action. The Bible is the revelation of God to us.

Personal Faith: God’s offering of salvation, namely of forgiveness and redemption through Christ, calls for an answer from mankind. Each one of us must answer to God. Faith is a gift of God which must be personally received. This includes the voluntary confession of Jesus Christ to one another and to serve one another.

The Fellowship of the Believers: To be accepted in a Freikirche (Free Church), it is needed that one confesses Jesus Christ as Saviour and that one wants to become a member of such church. This should be a voluntary act and it does not depend on a specific age. This decision usually entails an active participation in the life of the Church, such as: responsible cooperation and support by financial contribution. Free churches are supported by the free financial donations and contributions brought by their members. Normally people are accepted in supervised churches to partake of a pure life of service to the fellowship.

The Call to Mission Field: The church is not a purpose in itself and the church does not exist for its self-will. The love of God in Jesus Christ applies to everyone. Therefore, Free Churches understand their calling to Faith as their foremost task in society. Church members in local communities and Free Churches as such make an effort nationwide and abroad to announce the Gospel by organizing evangelistic outreaches and through the ministry of Diakonia and Counselling.

The Hope for the Returning Lord: It provides us with the reason to work for a better world “which God so loved” (John 3:16). It fills us with anticipation for the coming new world that He will create.

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